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At TRUVAL, we like buying all types of precious metals as well as diamonds and gems. We have been in business since 2008 and since then have come a long way to earning our title as the most trusted gold buyers in NYC.  When it comes down to what we buy, there’s almost no limit. Here is a little breakdown of the type of Jewelry/Precious metals that we buy:

Sell Gold

Selling Gold in NYC can be done quickly, easily, and pleasantly when you come to TRUVAL. Our trained staff is ready and waiting to help you get the most out of the gold jewelry and/or scraps that you have. We weigh your gold in front of you and calculate a fair and honest price. We regularly purchase all of the following: Scrap Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds, gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold watches, gold coins and gold bullion.   we buy gold

Sell Silver in NYC

Silver is a very common metal that walks into our stores and offices. You can sell silver in the form of scrap silver, silverware, silver jewelry, silver coins, silver bullion, silver flatware, Sterling silver, etc. We will take every aspect into account when appraising your silver items and assess it’s weight, purity, as well as any intrinsic value that it may hold.   we buy silver

Sell Diamonds

As pretty as they are, sometimes diamonds can be worth more to you than a shiny stone. That’s where Global Gold & Silver comes in. We love buying diamonds, and we can give you a great payout for yours. You may be looking to sell an engagement ring from an ex-marriage, an old bracelet, or any unwanted jewelry or loose diamonds you may have. Our Gemologists are standing by to help you sell your diamonds!   we buy diamonds